How to Paint Your Ceilings – DIY House Painting Tips!

You probably haven’t noticed how much of a difference a well-painted ceiling can make to a room until you have noticed how ugly a water stain can look! Luckily, by giving your ceiling a fresh lick of paint, you will be able to revive it and add some new personality to your home. Here are our top ceiling painting tips to keep in mind:

  • Sand untextured ceilings before painting

If you want to make sure that the final result is slick and even, give your ceiling a good sanding beforehand – it will work wonders! Just remember to only do this if your ceiling is untextured.

  • Use a primer that will help to mask stains

Unless your ceiling is still in great condition, a quality primer will assist in covering up those nasty stains. When the primer has dried, you can paint over it and – VOILA – you will have a beautiful ceiling once again.

  • Use masking tape

To avoid the paint bleeding into the walls, it is a great idea to use a bit of masking tape as a guide. If you do this, you are sure to enjoy more beautiful, accurate results.

  • Buy special paint

Not all paint is created equally. Because of this, it always makes sense to buy special paint depending on the area of the house that you will be attending to. In this instance, paint that has been designed especially for ceilings is going to be your best bet.

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