How to Remove Wallpaper before Applying Interior House Paint

Removing wallpaper is a relatively simple job, but will require a fair amount of time and effort on your part. Below we’ll take a closer look at how to remove wallpaper effectively before applying your interior house paint.

  1. The first thing you need to understand is that removing wallpaper can be fairly messy – you’ll want to remove any furniture from the room and keep you skirting and floors clean and dry. You’ll also want to tape a strip of plastic to your baseboard; remember to let it overlap as you don’t want any water ending up on your floor. Place a few old towels on the plastic to absorb as much of the water as possible.
  1. The second step involves removing the facing of your wallpaper. Find a piece of loose paper (usually near the ceiling at a corner) and steadily pull it from the wall using even pressure.
  1. Once you’ve removed the facing you’ll want to get rid of the backing. You’ll need to use a floor mop or a sponge to apply as much hot water to the backing. You’ll now want to use a spatula or putty knife to remove the backing. Following this you’ll need to remove every last speck of paste from your wall using a gel stripper.

Your wall now just needs to be primed and sanded before applying your interior house paint and the colour of your choice. Contact the team at Warrior Paints today for more painting tips and to place an order.

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