How to remove wallpaper before using luxury house paints

Do you want to give your home a makeover this season? Luxury house paints are available in an incredible selection of colours and are the easiest way to give your room a stylish new look! Warrior Paints provides you tips on how to remove old wallpaper and prepare the surface for painting, so follow our painting tips for a smoother finish.

A walkthrough to remove old wallpaper

First off, mentally prepare yourself that this is not a quick job and give yourself at least a full weekend to complete it. Next, using masking tape and plastic, cover all the floors, woodwork and electric sockets to ensure a watertight seal that will protect these from the water and gel that will be used in the subsequent steps. For further protection, cover these with towels for better absorption.

Once this is done, begin tearing the wallpaper off the wall, starting at a corner near the ceiling or floor. Use a putty knife for the stubborn sections that do not come off by hand.

In the next step, apply hot water to the backing that remains on the wall with the help of a sponge or floor mop. Leave this on for 15 to 20 minutes until the backing has completely absorbed the water and has become almost paste-like.

Next, with the help of a metal spatula or putty knife, begin to gently scrape off the backing. Applying too much pressure at this stage can damage or gouge the walls. On sections that cannot be scraped off, apply an ample amount of gel stripper for a period of 15 to 20 minutes, after which you should be able to easily scrape it off. Finally, rinse your wall with water until you feel that it is completely smooth.

Any cracks and holes in the plaster can be filled as soon as the wall is dry. Once these repairs are dry, gently sand the filler down to ensure the wall is smooth. Your wall is now ready for the application of a primer and your choice of luxury house paint!

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