How to store your spare house paint

House painting often results in spare paint which more often than not goes to waste due to incorrect storing methods. This is an unnecessary expense and can be avoided. Here are five tips for ensuring maximum shelf life for spare house paint:

  1. Whether you are storing acrylic paint, luxury house paints or exterior paint, you should always make sure you store the spare paint in an airtight container and away from extreme temperature changes.
  1. You can prolong the shelf life of paints, from interior house paints to luxury house paints, by covering the opening of the can with a plastic wrap.
  1. It is important to make sure you have sealed the lid securely. Use a rubber hammer to tightly secure the lid to avoid any leakage and continued exposure to air.
  1. You should now turn the can upside down for the paint to create its own seal. This allows for the paint to remain fresh during storage.
  1. Store the can of spare paint upside down in a place which is out of reach of children and pets. You can now use the spare paint for touch-ups or other painting projects.

The above painting tips can ensure you extend the shelf life of spare paint and in doing so, you will save costs on your next painting project.

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