How to tell if you home interior or exterior paint is failing – and what to do about it?

Beware of using cheap painting products when starting your interior house painting and exterior house painting job. A lot of money and time is put into this project with the hopes it will last a good couple of years. You will need a professional who can advise you on the correct paint to use when giving your home an inside and outside painting make-over.

We at Warrior Paints provide professional and knowledgeable painting advice when it comes to helping you choose the right paint colours. We will happily assist you in offering you high quality painting products, advice on paint techniques and painting tips.

After time, a good paint job and a bad one will begin to show signs of wear and tear. It is best that you maintain your house painting to prevent your home from looking run down and neglected.

Here are a few signs to look out for when your interior and exterior house painting could be failing.

Signs you need a new paint job:

Fading: When your paint exterior house painting job starts looking faded it is a sign that you are in a need of a new coat of paint in the near future. Fading occurs when exterior walls are exposed to environmental factors such as sun, wind and rain exposure.

Peeling: This screams out that a new paint job is needed! Where paint has peeled away there is a greater chance of moisture creeping in. Get the paint job done as soon as possible.

Cracking: Very common around door hinges, joints and window frames. This is another sure sign that you need to apply a new coat of fresh paint of interior house paint.

warrior paints cracking

Don’t know what to do about these painting signs? Contact Warrior Paints today!

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Need to paint the interior and exterior of your house before your paint job starts failing you? Contact us at Warrior Paints. We offer top of the range interior house paint and exterior house paint for all your painting needs.

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