How to update your office space with luxury interior paint

More ore than skin deep

The humble paint job is one of the best ways to update an office space. From the factory floor to reception, from the boardroom to, most importantly, your office, the way you use colours can have a massive bearing on emotions, creativity, and even productivity.

Studies have found that insipid grey, beige, and white workstations produce feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women. On the flip side, men felt equally miserable in purple and orange surroundings. Not only does colour affect our emotions, it also impacts our productivity, for better or for worse.

Calming blues and greens are low-wavelength colours which improve efficiency and focus, and promote an overall sense of well-being. So if it’s happier, more effective workers you are looking for, green and blue acrylic paint is a wise choice.

High-wavelength colours such as red and orange are active, intense and alarming at times. Seeing these colours increases heart rate and blood flow, making them ideal for occasions where you urgently need to attract employees’ attention.

Mid-wavelength yellow, meanwhile, is viewed by colour psychologists as representing optimism and innovation. Yellows are best used in work environments where creatives such as writers, designers, and developers work.

Touchy feely

Not only does choosing an interior house paint in a happy hue boost output and creativity, the finish of the paint you choose can also transform an office space.

Because a matte finish doesn’t reflect light, it’s the best choice, when house painting, on textured walls and to hide any imperfections. As it’s harder to keep clean, it’s not ideal for high traffic areas.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, using a glossy paint on your walls contributes a glam feel by adding a hard and shiny finish.

Luxury house paint is an outstanding way to create an optimal environment for your workforce. By using one or all of these painting tips, you can turn a dull office into a lively, productive place.

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