How to use internet marketing to boost your paint business

So you want to draw more traffic to your website and sell more paint, but you aren’t sure where to start. The term ‘internet marketing’ encompasses many strategies, tactics and methods to help your website stand out amongst the competition and if you think it’s confusing then start with the basics.

Internet marketing tips to help boost your business:

  • Evaluate your website. Does your website have a clear call to action? Is the content relevant, current and attention-grabbing? Does it contain keywords that your target markets are searching for? Google Analytics allows you to gague your website’s traffic, see where the traffic is coming from and measures conversions and sales.
  • Make your SEO smarter. Getting your website a high search engine ranking involves a combination of discovering which keywords you need to use, creating content around these keywords and refreshing this content on a regular basis.
  • Don’t forget e-mail marketing. You may not think that a e-newsletter is the best way to communicate regarding your paint business, but e-newsletters that contain discounts, company announcements, new product announcements and other industry information can be beneficial. Go easy on the e-mails, however, and don’t send them too frequently.
  • Don’t neglect social media. Social media is everywhere and it’s impossible to avoid it. Be sure that you have links to all of your social media pages on your main website and vice versa – link to your main website on all of your social media pages. And don’t forget to update your social media pages rather than letting the accounts sit stagnant.

With internet marketing consistency is key. It’s all about finding the right keywords and keyphrases, incorporating them into a smartly-designed website and cultivating a social media presence. Using these tips you’ll see that it is possible to sell more paint!

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