How to use social media campaigns to sell more paint

By Francois Muscat

Want to use social media to sell paint supplies in South Africa? Then you have to be smart about it. Nobody uses social media to be “sold to” – they use it to stay up to date with friends and family, network, follow the news and read things they are interested in. So how do you launch a campaign that will get people interested in paint? Here are a few ideas:

Ask for your follower’s opinion

People love being asked for advice or their opinion about something. Get them to contribute their own painting tips or painting wish list on twitter. Start a hashtag (like #paintwish) so that you can track the virality of the hashtag. Write a blog about the best paint tips or wishes and each contributor credit for their comment (by linking back to their twitter account).

Make yourself the expert

Every year, paint manufacturers launch new colors. Make sure that your company is the one writing, tweeting and pinning about the new colours, palettes and trends in the industry. Interview interior designers, colour experts and people with the right credentials to comment or blog about the new season’s colours. Be the go-to person for all the information about the trendy colours and give away a room make-over (which could be anything from a paint job to re-doing the entire room with new furniture) to followers online.

People don’t want to try new things first

If you’ve got new paint finishes that you’re trying to sell, make sure your Facebook and Twitter followers know that other people have bought it and that they’re happy with it. A picture or blog post about a successful DIY project is more personal than an online technical sheet about your product.

Internet marketing and social media are great tools, but make sure you’re engaging your customers with your campaigns and not simply trying to sell paint!

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