Increase awareness and gain a loyal following with these social media tips

Stores that sell paint supplies in South Africa may not think that social media platforms are relevant tools to take advantage of, but any and every business can use social media as a way to not only raise awareness about their business but to obtain valuable feedback and connect with people on a personal level. One important thing business owners must remember is that success in business is not always about selling – and this is where social media comes in.

Gain valuable feedback about paint and more

Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allows you to collect customer feedback and opinions in real time. Have you released a new series of paint colours and want to know what people think about them? Simply post the colours on your social media sites and wait for feedback.

Use customer praise as an advertising advantage

When people are happy with the paint they’ve purchased from you, or with your painting services, their praise serves as an excellent advertisement for your company. As the saying goes, the best referrals are through word of mouth! Other people who visit your social media sites will see the praise, doing wonders for your company’s reputation.

Communicate important company information

If you’ve got a special sale coming up, are offering special discounts, have important company news or just want to give people information about new paints or related products, using your social media pages to do it is highly effective. People often check their Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day so don’t miss the opportunity to give them updates directly.

Hard line selling isn’t the smartest way to operate on social media. Instead, listen to customer concerns, ask for valuable feedback and share industry news, company news and product news. You’ll find that a loyal social media follwing is invaluable!

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