Inspirational Tips, Paint Colours and Ideas for Toddlers’ Bedrooms

Inspirational Tips, Paint Colours and Ideas for Toddlers’ Bedrooms

Are you looking for painting tips to turn your youngster’s room into a fantasy land that they will love to spend time in? Coming up with a great colour scheme for your son or daughter’s room is a fun experience because the playful nature of children allows you to have more creative freedom.

If your child is an energetic little bundle, you can inject his or her bubbly personality into the room with bright, vibrant colours like canary yellow, lime green or Wimpy ketchup red. If your child is of a quieter nature, you can opt for a calm or sweet colour combination such as a light blue or a soft pink.

Before you decide on the paint colours that you will use for your child’s bedroom, you first need to decide whether the room will be themed or not. Some themes that you may want to consider include:

  • Outer Space,
  • Underwater,
  • Magical Forest,
  • Jungle,
  • Princess Towers and Fairies, and many more.

Your child’s interests can help you decide whether a theme is the way to go. If the theme is based on a popular movie, you need to realise that this fad could pass and the room may quickly become outdated or ‘too young’ in your child’s eyes. It is better to stick to universal themes that are not related to the popularity of a current book or movie.

You can also decide how outrageous or subtle you want the theme to be. More outrageous themed kids’ rooms will require more paint and more colour shades, tones and hues in order to bring the theme to life in the space. Your child’s age can also help you determine which route to take when decorating and painting their bedroom. The older the child, the more input they should have in how their room will be decorated.

Whether you want a nautical bedroom theme, a rustic theme that mimics the rest of your home’s décor, or something completely outrageous, Warrior Paints can help you choose a paint colour. Contact us for high-quality interior house paint today.

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