Internet marketing is about much more than selling – how to become an industry leader

While internet marketing can be used to sell paint in South Africa, a ‘sell, sell, sell!’ approach isn’t necessarily a wise idea as it comes off as self-serving and self-promoting. There are many other smart internet marketing techniques you can use that will promote your business, encourage customer engagement and build up your reputation as an industry leader all at the same time.

Start a blog and update it regularly

When it comes to paint there are an endless number of subjects about which to blog. You can post about upcoming colour trends, new paint brands that are soon being released, trends in interior design, general information about the paints industry, new types of paint that are being developed such as eco-friendlier paint and much more. Blogging about information related to paint in general, rather than only about your company and your products, can help you make a name for yourself as a news source for all things paint.

Don’t ignore social media

There’s no denying that social media is a critical component of internet marketing. Millions of people use company’s social media pages to check out what people are saying before using their products or services, so be sure that you’ve got content-rich social media profiles and that they’re updated regularly. Also, social media is an excellent way to communicate with customers and potential customers.

Know which key phrases your target audiences are using

How do you expect people to find your website if you don’t even know what they’re searching for? With the help of an internet marketing company and tools such as Google Analytics, you can find out which specific phrases and words people use when they search for businesses like yours and then incorporate them into your website copy. If you want to sell paint, you have to be proactive.

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