Keeping it safe: 6 tricks to protect you while painting your home

Let’s face it – painting the exterior of your home is a job some prefer to be left to the professionals. Standing on a ladder with materials and paints and chemicals is not for the cautious, but there are ways to make sure that you can paint your house with minimal risk involved.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Dress for success

Wear protective gloves: cloth or leather gloves are best for sanding and scraping, impermeable gloves for applying water-based paint and solvent-resistant chemical gloves are best for handling solvent-based products. Use eye goggles, glasses or a face mask to protect your eyes. When sanding, use an anti-dust mask to protect your lungs.  Use a solvent-respirator if working with solvent-based products.

  1. Ventilate the area

Open all doors and windows if painting indoors. Remove any source of ignition. Use fans. Make sure the freshly painted room is not immediately occupied, especially with the elderly, children or pets.

  1. Don’t slip

Protect the floors with drop cloths instead of slippery plastic.

  1. Store the paint correctly

Warrior Paints has a high selection of quality paints, however all organic-based solvents represent potential health hazards. Paint can be highly flammable. Do not leave paint near a heat source and do not smoke while painting. Store the paint in a cool, well-ventilated area. Store the paint away from children and animals.

  1. Clean up the mess

Whatever the job, no matter how clean or messy, do not forget to clean up thoroughly. If rags have alkyd paint or thinner on them, leave them to dry outside to avoid any chance of spontaneous combustion. Place them in an area out of reach of children and pets. When the rags are dry, take them to a toxic-waste dump site.

  1. Use ladders correctly

Ladders can be the most dangerous part of a painting job. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before climbing up:

  • Check the condition of the ladder before using it;
  • Wear comfortable, slip resistant shoes to climb the ladder;
  • Make sure the steps are free from slippery, oily substances;
  • Check for clutter around the area before erecting the ladder;
  • If the ladder is in front of a door – lock the door e;
  • Use signs to draw peoples’ attention to the ladder if lots of people are around;
  • Make sure the floor is even and not slippery;
  • Support the ladder at four points;
  • Never climb beyond the step as per the ladder manufacturer’s suggested safety height.
  • Do not overstretch beyond the ladder – if the ceiling is high and the ladder is small- rather get a new ladder;
  • Do not let children climb the ladder;
  • Do not look down to avoid vertigo attacks.

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