How to use LinkedIn networking to sell paint

When looking at ways to sell paint or paint products, like most methods of internet marketing, LinkedIn is relatively inexpensive and provides terrific results. The main benefit of LinkedIn is the calibre of the audience you are reaching, as it is considered to have the largest congregation of affluent and influential professionals in one place.

LinkedIn provides excellent exposure to potential customers looking for your specific products and services and provides access to potential clients you would not otherwise have had, through recommendations and connections.

Ways to optimise LinkedIn usage

  • Regular status updates. These are crucial to the success of your LinkedIn profile as this is the best way to keep people up to date with your business. Keep it interesting and current.
  • Group participation. It is important to join groups related to your business and be an active participant in discussions. This will help you expand your contacts and create a more personal connection.
  • Send messages. By taking the time to send out messages, you keep your channel of communication open and build relationships with clients based on trust.
  • Answer questions. Have an open policy when it comes to client concerns and queries. This will build a good reputation.
  • Advertising. LinkedIn has paid advertising options available which are affordable and will guarantee your business even more exposure.

By using your LinkedIn profile correctly, you will be marketing your paint products and services to the right people and expand your client base immensely. LinkedIn is one of the most successful and interactive internet marketing methods available.

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