Our top colour forecasts for 2017!

Now that 2017 is upon us, creatives from all over the globe are gearing up to explore all the exciting new painting colour trends that the year will offer. Home decor has become more paired down over the past few years and we’ll be seeing more of the same, with interior house paint colour choices being the determining factor in design and style.


Here are our painting tips for interior and exterior house paint colours in 2017:


  • Ethnic brights

Warm red, sunset orange, sage green, turquoise and of course ochre (and other shades of bright yellow) will be popular interior paint colours this year. If you’re not comfortable using bright colours throughout the house, go neutral but paint certain walls as features and incorporate textured decor accessories such as cushions, rugs and carved frames in bright accents.


  • Monochromatic slate

The monochromatic trend has been updated for 2017 to focus on shades of cool blue, slate, grey and white. This is a very sophisticated look, inspired by technology, that blends in well with metallic design features. If you like the monochromatic look but find that it is a little cold for you, choose a paint colour such as bright orange to use as a minimal accent for added interest and warmth.


  • Warm neutrals

Neutrals will always be in, season after season. This year, white is out and warm neutrals such as light cream, beige and browns are in. The look is very natural and organic, with colour brought in using plants and other natural features. Warm neutrals combine very well with the ethnic brights mentioned above. Using neutrals throughout the house is a great way to ensure longevity, as accents can be updated every year for a whole new look.


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