Out with the old, in with the new!

When spring time arrives, the furthest thing from one’s mind is most likely luxury paint. However, spring is all about that glorious notion of new beginnings. You arrange your house, clear the clutter, hell, you even shampoo the carpets! So why not go that one step further and give your entire house a facelift?

How to go about painting in spring time

Spring just so happens to be the most forgiving season in which to paint. While many people live with the idea that summer is undoubtedly the time to repaint due to the heat helping the drying process, they do not actually realize that their “helping hand” is actually hindering the process causing the paint to be too dry. Also, need one remind you that summer on the highveldt is rainy season. Down the cape front, winter is their rainy months, ruling that time out for them. Hence why spring brings that needed time of balance. Temperatures are fair, elements are forgiving, and on a whole, your paint job has a higher chance of survival. So how do you go about making luxury paint a part of the spring-cleaning process?

  • If you wish to repaint your house in its already existing colour scheme, both inside and out, merely repurchase more of your original colour of choice.
  • If however you wish to repaint your house in an entirely new colour, taking some time to look over various colour charts is a real eye opener to the possibilities available on the market.
  • Following a decorative guide never hurt either when trying to decide which products to use for interior and exterior painting alike.
  • And once all the semantics of colours have been sorted, it is then obviously vital to prep your product correctly and know the difference in various painting techniques and how to execute them with efficiency.

When making the choice to implement this procedure every year as part of the spring clean, you will soon begin to see the benefits that an annual paint job can bring. At Warrior Paints, we strive to bring you satisfaction in both the product, and the result. Give us a shout for more information!

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