Painting tips for your home’s ceilings

Top painting tips from Warrior Paints: Too many people underestimate just how much atmosphere their home’s ceiling can create. When sprucing up a room, don’t forget to give the ceiling a fresh coat of paint too – this can really make all of the difference. The paint colour that you choose for your ceiling can either create a feeling of space or it can create a warm and cosy appeal. You should paint the ceiling before painting the rest of the walls in the room.

Ceiling painting tips:

  • Choose a high quality paint that can be easily maintained and cleaned. Chat to a painting contractor or paint supplier to find out which paint brands are best suited for use on your home’s ceiling.
  • Fully prepare the room before you start painting. Cover items of furniture and carpeted areas and make sure that any spillages that occur during painting are cleaned up immediately.
  • Make sure that the room is well lit so that no spots / areas are missed.
  • Clean the roof without making it wet or damp. Dust it or brush it thoroughly to remove any dust or cobwebs.
  • Always apply tape around light fixtures, trimmings and skirting to ensure no overlapping of paint. This might seem like a tedious task, but you won’t regret it in the long run when you have a crisp and neat finished appeal.
  • For the best finish, make sure that the first coat of paint is completely dry before you apply a second coat. If you have pre-painted the ceiling with primer, you should only need to apply one coat.

Choose from a variety of paint types and colours at Warrior Paints

At Warrior Paints we stock a variety of top quality interior house paint that is absolutely ideal for use on your ceilings and walls. In addition to our range of luxury house paints we also pride ourselves on being able to supply our clients with product related information and advice as well as painting tips for both the interior and exterior of your home.

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