Painting tips for creating the perfect nursery for your baby

Your little bundle of joy is on their way and you still have not begun to plan their room. Here are some painting tips to take the pressure and panic off for all new parents when it comes to having to choose a paint colour for your new arrival’s first room.

A baby’s room should always be warm and inviting for your little one. While people often associate baby rooms with frills and lace, they are becoming more lenient to the whole contemporary idea. The use of bold colours and clean lines is beginning to work its way into baby room designs more and more.

It’s a boy 

Boys will be boys no matter how small, so naturally people want to sway towards the use of the colour blue. Whilst this can look very beautiful, it can also be very conventional. Try changing it a bit by making your usage of colour a little less conventional. Use one wall as the focus wall and paint it either a rich or pastel blue – depending on the feel you wish to go for within the room. Paint the rest of the walls in beige, cream or neutral colours. This will tie the entire room together very nicely.

It’s a girl 

Parents often get carried away in the ideal little girls room and turn it into a little princess space. Often this can lead to a décor disaster as there can actually be a thing as too many pinks, ponies and sequins. Little girls should be treated like little princesses, but we suggest doing so in a dignified manor. Use soft pinks for her room and even try incorporate a few floral designs which you can paint on the walls using stencils.

It’s an unidentified baby 

If you do not wish to know the sex of your little one, then there are a few options to go for. The common ideas which spring to mind are obviously greens and yellows. While these can be beautiful, why not try something elegant and classical and paint your baby’s room with whites, creams and beige tones. This can ties together very nicely and while being dignified, still create a loving feeling of warmth.

Learn the tricks of the trade 

We at Warrior Paints pride ourselves in being able to give worthy advice to all of our clients. Take a look at our wide variety of paints and contact us today for more information.

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