Painting tips for the interior trimmings of your home

Interior trimming is as essential to your house as icing is to a cake; it finishes off the overall look you want to achieve with your room design. Choosing the right colour to complement your wall finish will take your room from great to amazing.

There are different types of trim and they are as follows:

  1. The baseboard

The baseboard is used where the wall and floor meet and is used to conceal any gaps you may find there, as well as providing protection from peoples feet or when you move furniture around the room.

  1. The chair rail

Further up the wall, the chair rail protects the wall finish from any furniture that is placed close to the wall, for example chairs in your dining room.

  1. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is used in the area between the chair rail and the baseboard. There are quite a few options for this including, simple wood panels, bead-board, raised panels and horizontal wood panelling.


  1. Window and door casing

Traditionally these casings are installed in separate pieces and form the border around your doors or windows.

  1. Cornices

Cornices, also known as crown moulding, are at the top of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling. Cornices are used to ease the transition of the wall to the ceiling, making it easier on the eye.

Painting Tips

It is important to make sure all the trimmings in your house are primed for painting before installing and painting with your desired paint colour. The primer protects the trimmings from moisture and changes in temperature. This is especially important in areas which experience extreme temperature ranges, or in coastal towns which experience a large amount of moisture in the air.

A good choice of paint for all your trimming is a durable, washable paint as (in the case of baseboards and chair railings) these areas can experience wear and tear in the form of scuff marks from shoes, or chip marks from moving furniture around.

Finally, it is important to use an acrylic sealer to protect the paint finish on all your trimmings. This is of extreme importance in an ocean setting or in areas of high humidity.

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