Painting Tips for your Home’s Ceilings

Painting a ceiling at home can be more difficult than many people assume. This is why we would like to share some professional painting tips to ensure you always get the ideal results you desire. These tips apply to acrylic paints, luxury house paints and any other high quality interior house paints which we provide.

Painting tips – Cover and Protect your Belongings

The biggest problem many people find when painting their ceilings is primarily because of the angle, paint tends to splash and drip everywhere. This is why you will always see newspaper and plastic covering the floor and furniture when professional contractors are painting. This is a simple and effective way of protecting your belongings, without much labour or cost involved.

Painting tips – Repair any damages before applying interior house paint

As industry experts, we often see examples of people not repairing damages before applying luxury house paint to their interiors. Unfortunately, this is a big pitfall, as many of these small damages will show through the new paintwork. So always do any crack-filling, drywall repairs or other fixes before painting and you will ensure great, lasting results every time.

If you would like to know more about Warrior Paints, or if you would like to speak with professionals about house painting, choosing a paint colour or any other painting tips and techniques – contact us today.

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