Painting tips: How to apply paint over a dark colour

From time to time, you may encounter the problem of having a deep shade or dark colour on a wall that you want to lighten. Whether you want to lighten the colour by only a few shades or use a completely different (lighter) colour, realise that you will probably need quite a few coats of paint in order to reverse the dark colour effect on the wall.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is by contacting Warrior Paints for a thick emulsion, strong base coat. A strong paint, with a good amount of pigmentation in it, will be able to obliterate the dark colour on your wall. A base coat of paint will enable you to put the lighter shade of paint over the dark shade very quickly, thereby reducing the number of coats you will need.

A good piece of advice for painting large areas of wall is to firstly paint around the corners. This will give you the ability to paint with a roller without the risk of going over the edges or painting onto an adjacent wall. When using a roller, paint right onto the edge to avoid the light line which forms near the end of a wall.

At Warrior Paints, we have a team of helpful, friendly consultants who can guide you through the entire painting process. Whether you need advice about paint colours, application methods or paint tools, we will be able to help you. Contact Warrior Paints for all your painting needs today.

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