Painting Tips: How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Office

Painting Tips: How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Office

The space that you work in can have a profound effect on your mood as well as your productivity levels. If you are a company owner or if your company encourages you to add your own personality to your office space, then it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about choosing the right colours for your office. Here are our painting tips:

Consider Your Industry and Work Tasks

If you are a graphic designer or musician, you may want your work space to inspire creativity and get you energised. If you work as an accountant or do a job that requires a lot of concentration over extended periods of time, you may want to opt for a modern, sleek look that can enable deep thinking without distractions.

Besides considering the type of work that you want to complete in your office, also think about what you want clients and guests to feel when they enter your space. If you work in a more traditional industry such as the banking sector, you may want to stick to hues of white and grey with only a few bright accents. Calming colours are green while upbeat colours are usually reds. So, experiment with different combinations to get the right ambience that you are aiming for.

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