Painting tips: How to repaint your baseboards and trim

Often overlooked when it comes to interior décor and house painting, your baseboards and trim, those humble strips of wood that sit at the bottom of your walls and around your doors, have the power to transform a room with very little time and effort!

Take a look at these painting tips for a quick and easy home makeover:

Step 1: Clean. Baseboards and trim seem to have a knack for accumulating dust and dirt, so make sure they’re nice and clean before you even think of applying paint!

Step 2: Tape. To stop paint bleeding onto your walls, apply tape along the wall itself, where the wall and baseboard or trim meet. Press it down firmly to make sure there are no bumps or bubbles where paint could creep underneath.

Step 3: Cover. Tape plastic sheeting to your floors and make sure they’re flush with the bottom of the baseboards to prevent any paint getting onto your carpets or wooden floors.

Step 4: Paint. If you’re simply giving your baseboards and trim a quick refresh and touch-up, then one coat of paint should be enough. Of course, if you’re painting a new colour, you will probably need at least two coats to ensure even coverage.

Step 5: Strip. Remove your tape while the paint is still wet. Pull at an angle for best results and perfectly crisp edges. Keep a piece of newspaper nearby to roll the tape onto and then simply bundle the whole lot into the bin for a no fuss, no mess solution.

Step 6: Enjoy. Whether you’re going for a crisp, fresh, white trim or you’re tempted to splash out with a bit of colour, sprucing up your baseboards and trim are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to breathe new life into a room!

For more painting tips or advice on choosing a paint colour, contact us today! Warrior Paints have a wide range of interior house paint, acrylic paint and luxury house paints for you to choose from.

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