Painting Tips: Why Is My Wall Paint Blistering And Bubbling?

Painting Tips: Why Is My Wall Paint Blistering And Bubbling?

Painting a new house or a building is an important part of making a room look comfortable and welcoming. House painting does not always go the way you plan, and paint can blister and crack over time if you do not use the correct interior house paint or painting procedure. Whether you are doing house painting or painting a building, we have painting tips to fix the blistering and bubbling.

  • Why Is My Wall Paint Blistering And Bubbling?

The most common reasons for paint peeling are:

    • The presence of moisture in the wall, or
    • The use of inferior quality paint.

Blistering and bubbling are caused by the eventual loss of adhesion in the paint components. When the paint is applied to a wet surface or to a warm surface, it loses adhesion resulting in the formation of blisters or bubbles.

  • Ways To Fix Paint Blistering And Bubbling

Some of the ways in which one can deal with the problem include:

    • Preparing the surface adequately, and
    • Using an exhaust fan to ventilate and dry out the area.

If blistering affected the dry walls, the moisture problem should be treated first. The paint should not be applied in direct sunlight because it causes excessive heating. The best way to deal with blistering paint is to scrape or sand off the walls to smooth out the hard edges and then to repaint the walls.

  • Choosing A Paint Colour And Type Of Paint

It is important to find an interior house paint or acrylic paint that matches the original colour of the wall. If the spot is too large, you can opt to change the entire wall or ceiling with a new paint and colour that is designed to fit the room. Paints are designed as a system that usually consists of a primer, an undercoat and a topcoat. It is essential to follow the correct painting procedures and to hire a professional when painting your home to avoid further blistering and bubbling. Make sure to allow any concrete to dry out before you remove loose paint and dirt. Using a complete paint system, primer or sealer will add an extra layer of paint and will ensure that the paint is sealed and covered well.

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