Painting tips: Your ceiling and colours

You’ve planned your colours for the walls… but have you considered the fifth wall – AKA the ceiling? When it comes to house painting, more often than not the ceiling is painted a flat white , but being creative in choosing a paint colour for this area can lend incredible dimension and interest to a room.

Here at Warrior Paints we have a rainbow of acrylic paint colours to choose from. The question is: should you go bright, light or neutral? Well, that totally depends on type of room you are painting and the atmosphere you want to create. These painting tips should help you decide:

Bright, intense colours work well on the ceiling when you want to make a statement that will contrast with fixtures such as lights and cornices. If you choose a bright colour, you should be very sure of your décor and not planning a colour change in the near future.

Neutral shades are perfect for a clean and minimal look that is flexible enough to tie in with any colour palette, allowing you to regularly update your décor.

Dark, bold colours on the ceiling create a feeling of closeness, and are great in areas with high ceilings, or in rooms where you deliberately want to cultivate a cosy atmosphere (such as the bedroom).

Light colours are best used in small rooms to create the illusion of high ceilings and space. If you do choose white as a ceiling (or wall) colour, a slightly warm off-white is usually a better option than pure white, which will create grey toned shadows that can make a room look dull.

Warrior Paints stocks a wide variety of interior house paint to suit your every need. For more information, please contact us today.

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