How painting your house can increase its value

Want to sell your house? A high quality paint job on its interior and/or exterior can increase its value substantially without costing you a lot of money or time. Follow these great painting tips from Warrior Paints to help increase the profit on your sale.

It is very important to remember choosing paint colours for a house is a very subjective experience. While many people have strong feelings about bright, bold colours, most people enjoy calm, soothing neutrals. As you are trying to appeal to the widest range of buyers possible, it’s therefore best to play it safe and go for a modern neutral. It’s important to also consider that warm neutrals (as opposed to cool colours) give your home’s exterior and interior a more comfortable, welcoming feel, while light colours make a home look bigger and more spacious.

For exterior paint, similar rules apply – and it’s important to always remember that the colours you choose for your home must complement the brickwork, plaster or stone elements of your home to create a more balanced and complimentary look for the entire structure.

When you are painting, don’t just think about your walls. Your window frames, veranda and ceilings can also benefit from a touch up – and if left, you may be drawing attention to the fact that they aren’t in as good condition!

We hope that this house painting advice from Warrior Paints help your home to sell more quickly and for a better price. Contact us for more house painting tips and tricks.

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