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What makes Warrior Paints different is our fantastic colour range together with our colour matching expertise. If you can dream it we can make it.

Visit our stores and see the amazing display of Warrior colours. Colour testers and swatches of all Warrior Standard Colours are available in store.


Warrior Woodtreat Stain Concentrates are natural stains available in 50 ml concentrated packs and in seven popular colours.


Warrior Woodtreat Stain Concentrates can be used in all Warrior Woodtreat clear sealers and varnishes (50 ml concentrate per 1L of Warrior Woodtreat sealer or Warrior Varnish) to enhance the colour and grain of the wood.


 CLEANING SOLVENT:         As a concentrate – wash with water while wet. When mixed with sealer or varnish – Turps
PACK SIZE: 50ml Concentrates
Mahogany, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Teak, Meranti
 PACK SIZE:  1L and 5L
USAGE: (Mixing Ratio)     1X50 ml per 1L of Warrior Woodtreat Clear Sealer  or Varnish – mix well



  1.  It is recommended to test the colour on a wood sample before proceeding to stain wood.
  2.  Extra coats will deepen the colour and enhance the wood grain.
  3.  As per standard painting practices, no painting should take place if surface or ambient temperatures are below 10⁰C or above 30⁰C. Painting should cease at 3pm or when rain is imminent.
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