How to Remove Wallpaper before Applying Interior House Paint

The decision to remove wallpaper and replace it with interior house paint is the right step towards giving your wall a fresh look. Even so, you will have to first remove the existing wallpaper carefully so that the wall does not damage the house paint on which it was stuck on. At Warrior Paints, we believe that house painting can only be done when the wallpaper removal is done in the right way. Here are some tips to make this activity much easier for you.

First, you will need to prepare the room from which the wall paper is to be removed by taking away any wall hangings and decorative objects. You may also have to move furniture to another room and cover any remaining fixtures. To ensure that the mess from the walls does not get to the floor, place and tape towels besides the base boards in the room.

Second, if the wall has been covered with strippable wallpaper, you will need to search for a seam on the wall, usually at the bottom part and pry its edge so that it pulls away. Grab the corner of the wallpaper strip and pull it further away so that the corners are free. Next, hold the edges at the bottom using your hands so that you can pull the entire strip from the wall.

Finally, sand the wall and apply high quality primer in readiness for painting in your preferred colour or even type, which may be the popular acrylic paint. Choosing a paint colour is made easy when you consider the advice given by our experts as they are able to help you tell between interior and exterior house paint while providing other vital information to assist you in the painting job.

If you are looking for the best painting tips and high quality paint that make it easier to change the look of a room after wallpaper removal, we are the best people to consult. Make the decision to contact Warrior Paints today to order paint and ask for assistance on any related topic.

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