The right acrylic paint will make your kitchen the heart of the home

With cabinets, walls and flooring that can be painted, your kitchen can really benefit from a splash of colour and fun. But how do you choose the right acrylic paint colour? How do you put together a palette of colours that will turn your kitchen into the heart of the home? Follow these simple tips from Warrior Paints on which acrylic paints to use in your kitchen.

It is said that a human eye can differentiate between 7 million colours. So how does one choose the perfect colour for the kitchen? Follow these simple steps:

Cabinets Rule the Roost: First off, decide what colour you would like your cabinets and cupboards to be. The most popular options are white and a natural, clear finish for wooden cabinets. Don’t let this hold you back, however, as a bright and cheerful colour can really pull the room together. If you choose this option, it’s usually good to choose neutrals for the rest of the kitchen to really showcase your bold choice.

Lighting: How bright is your kitchen? Is it small and dark or large and airy? Dark colours will absorb more light, making your kitchen look smaller, while lighter colours can make the space appear bigger. If you choose darker colours, it’s important that you have enough natural and electric light to brighten up the space.

Popular Trends in the Market: Do some online research on interior decorating trends around the world. This is a great way to see the ideas that are taking the industry by storm and narrow down your choices. It will also show you exactly what you don’t want, which is more helpful than you think!

Follow Your Heart: Finally, and most importantly, follow your heart. This is your kitchen – a place where you must feel warm and comfortable. Choose colours that you and your family love and enjoy being surrounded by.

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