Should you paint before or after you move into your new home?

Should you paint before or after you move into your new home?

Moving into a new home can be very exciting and decorating is a big contributor to this excitement. While most people think that the smart thing to do is paint the interior of your home before you move in, waiting until you’ve moved in also makes a lot of sense.

It’s true that a house painting job will be easier if your rooms aren’t filled with furniture, rugs and personal belongings, but if your goal is to create a truly cohesive space, then you need a bit of time to settle in and take in your new surroundings.

You may have an idea of the paint colours that you want to use in various rooms, but it’s easy to forget that there is a very wide variety of paint shades, hues and tones. The amount of natural and artificial light a room gets throughout the day, for example, can have a big impact on the way that a paint tint complements your artwork, flooring and furniture.

Many interior designers advise clients to first move their belongings into a home before they pick a paint colour. Paint manufacturers such as Warrior Paint can guide you through the process of investigating the various interior house paint colours that can meet your needs.

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