The 2015 spring colour palette for interior house paint

Spring is upon us and it’s the perfect time to redo your home. Interior house paint is the go-to item for people who want to revamp a room or give their homes a face lift. We’ve listed some of the most popular colour palettes for Spring 2015 to give you the inspiration you need to make your home décor project a success:

Greek colours

Many of the top interior designers are using combinations of deep and light blues as well as ivory white and creams to create calming, rich interiors. This is a great colour combination because it works well with other colours such as greys and pinks.

Autumn colours

While many people expect to see a lot of floral and summery palettes during spring, colours like olives, grey and orange are being used to create warm, inviting atmospheres within homes.

Turquoise, pinks and sunset colours

This colour trend is basically drawing on the pastel palettes that we used to see in homes, restaurants and diners in the 80s. Aqua blue and deep turquoises are being paired with sunset type colours such as purple, light reds and oranges to create unique palettes which add a touch of shock and neon to a traditionally muted colour palette.

50 shades of grey

We know everyone has had enough of the word play on the 2015 “50 Shades of Grey” movie, but grey is definitely hot and happening this spring. Interior decorators and designers are pairing lots of different light and dark greys to create unique, modern interior spaces.

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