These 5 things are making your home look outdated

There are many things that can make your home look old-fashioned and outdated – from décor to the design of the house itself. However, perhaps surprisingly to some, paintwork can contribute as much as anything else to making your home look old. However, this is easily fixed, as all you need then is new interior house and exterior house paint to bring your home into the modern era.

The interior features you can fix with luxury house paint

  1. Old paint – paint that is flaking, peeling and discoloured
  2. Interior stucco walls in with bubble pain effect
  3. Painted walls with wallpaper combos – especially the flowery designs
  4. Solid harsh white walls with no softening pigments
  5. Paint Colours colour palettes that dominated the middle decades of last century

Paint colours that ‘age’ your house

Pink. Who would paint their walls pink? Have you looked round you? Baby, dusty or salmon pink houses were all the rage from the 50’s to the 80’s. They are everywhere. They just don’t look as garishly pink as they once did. Choosing a paint colour for exterior house paint these days will almost certainly be exclusive of the colour pink in any form.

Cool pastel palettes with grey undertones. There’s nothing really wrong with the colours, but today’s luxury acrylic house paint offers better pigments that can create a far warmer look and feel.

Bright solid colours. These are fine for nursery schools, but not your home – not for interior, nor exterior house paint. Orange and green were particularly popular at one misguided time, and, unless you want to keep your home as a shrine to the late 60’s and70’s, you will want to repaint these rooms around the time you throw out the brown speckled carpets.

Paint effects from the 60’s and 70’s

Remember bubble paint? Unless you are living in a ‘hacienda-style’ home with archways, you need to get rid of this effect, scraping the underlaying ‘bubble’ layer away.

Walls that contrasted with painted cupboards, frames and lintels. No, not anymore! You can have complimentary colours as part of a carefully selected palette, but directly contrasting solid colours went out with The Grateful Dead – especially the ones in brown and orange.

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