Three inspirational painting tips and ideas to make your hallway a focus point

Hallways can easily become bland, unappealing areas of a home. The team at Warrior Paints has come up with three painting tips you can use to make your hallway a focus point:

Erase the tunnel effect of long hallways

In South Africa, many homes are large, single-story homes. This can inherently lead to a number of long hallways and as any avid decorator will know, this can create an unwanted ‘tunnel’ effect.

In order to erase the tunnel effect, consider painting one side of the hallway a different colour. Not only does this erase the tunnel effect, but it will make the hallway appear wider. If you have chosen a beige colour, for example, consider going a few shades light for one side of the hallway and a darker shade for the opposite side.

Paint the end of the hallway a different colour

Another great tip is to paint the end of the hallway in a completely unique, stand-out colour. The unique colour at the end of the hallway provides direction and interest.

Lighten dark areas

If a part of the hallway is in a dark area, lighten the effect by choosing a paint that is a few shades lighter than the rest of the house or the rest of the hallway.

Make sure you’re using top quality, industry leading paint in order to get the job done. Warrior Paints offers a wide variety of interior decorating paints that you can use to give your home, hallway or rooms a facelift. Contact us for more information today.

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