Timeless home décor tips

Redecorating your home can be a tricky task because when you’re dealing with home décor, what’s in today could be out tomorrow, leaving you with hundreds of hard earned Rand and plenty of hard work down the drain. The best way to keep your home looking fresh is to choose something timeless- like a basic colour scheme with high quality paint. Putting your own spin on tried and tested colour pallets that never go out of style is an easy way to keep your home looking like it’s ready to grace the front cover of any home décor magazine.

When you choose a classic paint colour, redecorating becomes a breeze because all that is required when you feel your home needs updating is slight adjustments to the moveable elements, leaving you free to do virtually anything you want. Follow this guide on the best tried and tested paint colours for home décor.


Five paint colours that never go out of style

When people hear the word ‘timeless’ they often think plain, dull and boring. Timeless doesn’t mean you need to shy away from colour, it’s all in the shade you choose and how you accent it.

  • Blue. This is an ideal colour to use in areas of relaxation such as bedrooms. A light, sky blue with the subtlest sage undertone creates a calming environment that can be easily accented with a multitude of colours and elements. To make the blue pop, you can accent with bright colours such as yellow or orange, or if you prefer to keep to the peaceful feel, muted tones such as grey and white look lovely against the blue backdrop.
  • Green. This is another timeless colour as it comes straight from nature. We associate green with beauty and growth and a soft mint green or even a darker shade of olive green is great in spaces such as studies or even kitchens, as it can be easily accented with wooden furniture and earthy tones.
  • Red. This is a colour that tends to scare people with its boldness, but when used correctly a pure, fire engine red is the perfect colour for warm living areas. Red creates a chic, modern look when used in a room- especially when you use luxury paint– and this look can be carried forward into dark leather furniture and chrome finishes or even pure white for a truly glamorous look.
  • Yellow. Another colour that strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners, the beauty of yellow is often overlooked but is a great and timeless addition to any home. Yellow is a great way to add light and warmth to a room which makes it perfect for kitchens and dining areas. Choose a yellow that looks almost beige on your colour swatch and you will have the perfect shade to last a lifetime.
  • Black. To create a feel of elegance that looks great against any other colour, black is the way to go. Black walls create a sense of sophistication and can be accessorised easily with any other colour. Crisp white trimmings are a great contrast for that classic ‘Old Hollywood’ feel.

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