Top Wood Treatment Products on the Market

Wood emits warmth that can never be matched by manmade materials.  In South Africa, woodtreat products can be very expensive but it’s certainly worth it if it can prolong the life of your favourite furniture and floors.

Wood treatment products are not all the same. When looking for the right product to treat your wood furniture there are various things to keep in mind:

  • Type of wood: There are hundreds of kinds of wood. The way they age and react to wood treatment products differ and therefore you should be absolutely sure that you are using the appropriate products.
  • Protection needed: The environmental elements that your wood products are exposed to will play a major role in the frequency, type and intensity of the maintenance needed to preserve the wood. Sunlight, especially the scorching African sun, can dry wood out in just a couple of weeks causing it to crack and loose its structural integrity. Moisture on the other hand can cause wood to rot in a similarly short period which can render the product beyond repair. Apart from the dangers posed by the weather, there is of course also the factor of creepy crawlies to consider. There are dozens of species of insect that would love a taste of your favourite wood furniture. A good wood treatment product will provide adequate protection against the conditions that the wood is exposed to.
  • Price: If you have lots of wood products that need preservation, prepare yourself to pay for top quality products. Going for cheap generic products may cost you more over time. Ask a professional for advice on what application to use for your specific wood products taking into consideration the factors mentioned above.
  • Environmental impact: We live in times where we have to take responsibility for our actions since it can cause irreparable damage to our precious earth.  Some wood treatment products are kinder to the environment than others.  These products will have any combination of fungicide, insecticide and ultraviolet protection built into them.  Chemicals used in some of these products can cause serious environmental damage or health problems and it is important that you learn more about the products that you use and the potential hazards it may pose.

With the right treatment wood can last for hundreds of years to be enjoyed by future generations. Find high quality wood treatment products in South Africa. Contact Warrior Paints for all your painting needs.

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