Make use of Instagram to sell more paint and promote your business

Using Instagram to sell more paint and promote your business has never been easier. With business interest in Instagram increasing, the company has created a blog especially designed to optimise business use of Instagram as a marketing and communication tool. This tool offers tips, advice and examples for professionals wanting to increase their business.

The key to using Instagram is to create the right balance between business and fun. Once you have acquainted yourself with the tools and processes, it is important to begin building a relationship with those who have chosen to follow you and adding some light hearted images and videos is an excellent way to help clients relate to you on a personal level.

Tips on using Instagram for business

  • Cultivate your following by using hashtags that are relevant and popular. Connect your Instagram profile to other forms of social media such as Facebook and be sure to engage with others by following them in return.
  • Extend your reach by embedding your Instagram videos into your company website and ensure even those who do not use Instagram see your content.
  • Be an inspiration to potential customers by posting photos that are relevant to your brand.
  • Offer rewards to followers in the form of promotions and discounts.

Instagram is an excellent way to promote painting and paint products, as you could include design tips and ideas and keep customers up to date with what is trending in your industry.

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