Wall Paint Essentials: A new wall was born, wrapped in an Eco-friendly Undercoat

A new wall is a simultaneously intimidating and inspiring sight. With expert advice on choosing the right wall paint colour to finding an eco-friendlier undercoat, your brand new room will be given the sleek, professional beginning it deserves in an environmentally friendly way!

Because plaster is made up of various combinations of lime, gypsum, sand and water, your newly plastered wall will be a medium-dark brown colour and susceptible to water damage. This means that you need to protect it and lighten it, as the dark colour makes it difficult for lighter paint colours to show up properly and give you the best possible results.

Your newly plastered wall should be even, smooth and have no cracks – and you will want it to stay that way forever! That’s where using an eco-friendlier primer with sealing properties is important. Using this product will give you a smooth, white, water-resistant blank canvas on which to effectively apply the eco-friendlier paint colour of your choice.

How to apply an Eco-friendly undercoat:

  • First, make sure that your wall is dust free and completely dry. You’ll be able to see any damp spots pretty easily as they will be darker than the surrounding dry plaster.
  • Put down drop sheets and covers to ensure that your floors and furniture are well protected. Make sure that you are wearing old clothing or protective overalls over your body.
  • Make sure you have a roller, paintbrush, paint tray and solvent on hand before you start.
  • Get started on your first coat of primer. It should cover 6-8 square meters of wall per litre, so make sure that you have enough to complete the whole wall in one go.
  • Leave your wall to dry. This may take between 4-12 hours. If the surface is tacky, leave it for a few more hours – better safe than sorry!
  • Get started on your final coat. This will cover around 8-10 square meters of wall, so you need less for your second coat than your first.
  • Leave to dry overnight. Make sure that you have covered all streaks for an even, uniform finish. This will ensure that your final paint colour will look it’s best, and that your new plaster is well protected.

Your new wall deserves only the best, so contact Warrior Paints today and find out more about eco-friendly undercoats and beautiful eco-friendly wall paint colour today!

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