What does paint primer do?

When it comes to house painting there’s more to consider than just the paint you use. Prepping your surfaces and applying a quality paint primer are key to ensuring a superior finish. After all, if what’s underneath the paint isn’t up to scratch, then the paint may not adhere properly and it could also dry unevenly, which is the last thing you want!

So, what exactly does paint primer do? Primer is the “primary” layer, the undercoat, that you apply to materials, such as wood, walls or metal surfaces, before painting.

The benefits of paint primer:

  • Helps paint stick to the surface
  • Increases the durability and life of the paint
  • Provides another layer of protection
  • Helps to hide seams, joints and other small defects
  • Creates a smooth surface for the paint to be spread over
  • Ensures a smoother finished appearance after painting
  • Reduces the amount of paint absorbed by the surface
  • Allows for extended paint coverage

So, is primer necessary? Yes! Primer will add to the initial costs of a paint job but will save you a fortune further down the road as your painted surfaces will require less maintenance going forward. It will also extend the life of your paint job, meaning that you won’t have to think about repainting for a few years to come!

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