What external house paint will give the most durable and attractive result?

When it comes to external house paint, you want to make sure you’re getting the paint that lasts the longest, is the most durable and of course, looks the most attractive. So which paint should you use? You be standing at a wall of colour cards scratching your head, wondering which colour, finish and type of paint to use. If this is you, read on to find out which external house paint will offer the most durable and attractive result.

Water-based or oil-based?

The paint you’re after for external use on walls and woodwork is acrylic latex paint. This is water-based paint and is the most durable, flexible and colour-retentive paint of them all. It can withstand the elements and will contract and expand with your house as it is exposed to high and low temperatures. Painting the exterior of your house is by no means a cheap endeavour, and so choosing a paint that will last is of utmost importance.

Gloss, matte, satin? Which sheen is best?

So you now know that you need acrylic latex paint for your external house paint. But now which sheen should you choose? There is a range of sheens available, including matte, eggshell, low sheen, satin, low gloss and high gloss. So which sheen is best for your home? High gloss is shiny and hard, and so is perfect for wooden trims. Satin finishes are more of a mid-range sheen, and are good for a luxurious, velvety look and feel. Eggshell is good for covering imperfections and so is a good choice for external house paint.

What about colours?

You’ve settled on your paint type (acrylic latex paint) as well as the finish you’re after. So now which colour is best for external house paint? This all comes down to personal preference, as the possibilities are endless. Try to stay within neutral, classic shades instead of high-fashion, trendy, bold colours which will be outdated in no time.

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