What should one do with left-over paint?

It is a question that is seldom asked, and almost never answered. And yet it is a question that every one of us, who ever paints anything, needs to have answered.

It is a tricky one – but it is one which we, the Warriors from Warrior Paints – will fearlessly seek to answer! Let us examine it:-

  • The first thing to do will be to wait until the surfaces you have painted have dried, and then check very carefully that every part of the surface has in fact received the thickness of coating that it should have, and either touch up or repaint the whole of any surface that needs it.
  • The second action should be to store some paint for future house painting When you have used Warrior luxury house paints, the coating should last for many years, and there will always be the possibility of damage occurring, whether to the paint itself, or to the plaster or masonry behind it. Repair will be much easier if some of the original house paint is available.
  • The third possibility is that, if you enjoy painting pictures, you can use left-over paint to prime your canvasses or boards. Both acrylics and oils will adhere to a PVA or acrylic paint base. If you use acrylic as your main medium, the left-over PVA may well be part of the art
  • A fourth use, which we should not forget in these tough economic times, is donating your exterior house paint or Interior house paint to people in needy circumstances. Whether you hand it directly to the person who needs it, or whether you make it a community project to re-paint a crèche or a school, the left-over paint will be well used.

Just one final point: these painting tips do not apply only to Warrior paints. But whatever course you choose, Warrior paints will do it better!

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