Which Exterior Paint Colours Will Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Which Exterior Paint Colours Will Increase The Value Of Your Home?

If you are getting ready to sell your home, then you probably know that a coat of exterior house paint is the best and most affordable way to give your home a facelift. While there isn’t a single colour that can be used to increase the value of your home, there are a few colour combinations that will work exceptionally well if you’re trying to give your home a unique, upmarket look. Here are the exterior paint colour combinations that you should consider if you are selling your home soon:

  • Sage, elephant skin grey, vintage linen white and dark brown
  • Cedar bark brown, light emerald green and black
  • Pewter grey, light beige, cream and copper red
  • Dove white, very light lime green and dark green

Many people believe that homes are more likely to sell for a higher price if the exterior is painted with neutral colours. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to stick to eggshell white. Real estate company Zillow analysed over 32 000 photos of homes that were sold and came to a surprising conclusion: light shades of periwinkle and powder blue, especially in the bathroom, can increase the selling price of a home by over R55 0000. The company also found that blue-grey and soft blue tones in the kitchen can increase a home’s value by around R20 000.

Painting the exterior of your home or even a few rooms inside your home requires only a minimal investment when you consider what the return can be. If you’re looking for high quality paint primer and paint, visit Warrior Paints today.

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