Why curb appeal matters

Selling your house? If you want to make your house and property look as attractive as possible from the road, especially for prospective buyers, you need to invest in something called ‘curb appeal’. Curb appeal can make the difference between your house sitting on the market for months or ‘sold’. For this you could need as little as some good quality exterior house paint.

Adding real value to your home

Although there are several ways to add curb appeal to your home, one of the most important is painting the exterior of your house. If the exterior of your home looks shabby, it won’t matter how much landscaping or other ‘dressing up’ you do, you will lose potential sales – because first impressions really do matter.

Painting the exterior of home and other buildings doesn’t just add an ‘attractive’ factor to entice potential buyers; it increases the real value of your home and property. It’s therefore an essential investment, and well worth using high quality paints and painting services to do the job.

Exterior painting as an investment

Depending on the original state of your property, you may need to dig deep to create the kind of curb appeal that will add significant value to your home. There’s no getting around that, but in terms of return on investment, an extensive exterior paint job is the least expensive. The reward will far outweigh the outlay.

In addition, few people will want to purchase a home that requires an extensive paint job, while many buyers might be enticed by the landscaping possibilities a so-called ‘blank canvas’ can offer.

Exterior house paint can transform a house

It’s not just the ‘fresh lick’ of exterior house paint, but the look and character that the house painting creates. You can turn unappealing or ordinary into enticing and exciting just through choosing a paint colour that can transform your home. This can add as much value to your home as interior design, and this will in turn get your house sold more quickly – and for more.

Contact us today to let the team at Warrior Paints assist you with questions, advice and supplies for house painting, creating superb curb appeal with exterior house paint and with choosing a colour that will make all the difference. We stock the full range of South Africa’s best luxury house paint and painting products and we can help you add real value to your home.

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