Why does my paint peel, crack or bubble?

There are important differences between interior house paints and exterior house paints. Not knowing the differences and using in interior paint on the outside of your house, you will get peeling, cracking and bubbling – particularly on exterior walls that are exposed to direct sunlight. Although you do get some ranges that can be used for both interiors and exteriors, many of the best polymer-blend acrylic house paints are now highly specialised, increasingly requiring the use of specially designed paint for different applications and surfaces.

So, if are you tempted to use that unfinished tin of interior house paint to brighten up an exterior wall, read on:

Exterior house paint

Exterior house paints are designed to withstand sun, rain and mildew. They are also specifically designed to adhere to exterior walls and surfaces such as stucco. This is all achieved through higher concentrations of resins, pigments and other ‘preservative’ additives in the paint. Very importantly, exterior house paint is fairly ‘flat’ and porous. This is not something you can see, but it’s important because it allows moisture to escape from the wall instead of bubbling under the paint.

Interior house paint

Interior house paint is usually finer in texture and therefore more delicate than exterior paint, with design elements focused more on subtle colour effect with less pigment. Another important aspect is lower concentrations of air pollutants. Interior house paints are also designed to be more resistant to sharp marks and abrasions.

Theoretically, you can use an exterior paint inside, though you may get more air pollutants from it, it’s really the other way around that you want to avoid.

Other reasons why your paint won’t adhere or degrades

There are other reasons why the fresh paint on your wall or other surfaces may look good for a few weeks before it suddenly starts to degrade – to peel, crack or bubble.

  • Lack of surface preparation e.g. the application of a primer if required
  • Damp walls
  • Painting over old paint instead of scraping it off completely

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