Why natural light plays a role in choosing the right paint colour for your house

It is a widely acknowledged fact that natural light can change the appearance of any given colour. For this reason, choosing a paint colour for your home should certainly not be rushed. If you take the same can of paint and apply it to two different rooms – one with limited natural light and the other flooded with sunshine, it will look like two different colours.

A practical example of this is where you use a warm red-orange paint in a north-facing windowed room which serves to make the room appear warmer and brighter. However, using that same orange-red paint in a west-facing windowed room will turn it a far more intensely vivid shade come late afternoon. This is how severely natural light can impact your paint colours – emphasising once again the forethought required when choosing a paint colour.

Colour Never Stands Alone

Colour certainly never stands alone. Any type of light – be it artificial or daylight, or even candlelight – can impact and change the appearance of certain colours. Colour is light made visible. Natural light provides the purest standpoint of our perception of colour. As the day progresses from dawn through to afternoon and dusk, the light will also change in its intensity and thus create changes in the appearance of the colour.

Whilst it may seem daunting to go about choosing a paint colour for your home, it certainly doesn’t need to be. At Warrior Paint our team of professionals are on hand to help you make the right choice for your property. Since 1987 we have been hard at work supplying South Africa with the best quality paints available on the market.

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