Why the master bedroom schematics are vital

When choosing paint colours for the house, one of the most pivotal decisions to be made is what colour to paint the master bedroom. One’s bedroom is often considered to be a room of sanctuary. Nothing beats getting home from a long day in the office, curling up on your bed with a warm cup of tea, milo, coffee, or even an Irish coffee and just being able to wind down. There are so many various colour schemes to choose from, but with the top ten choices listed here below, singling out your ideal master bedroom colour may be easier than you think.

Top ten colour choices for your master bedroom


Coming in gracefully at number ten is yellow. While your instinct is screaming for you to picture a combination between a canary and an egg yolk in a blender, golden hues create warmth and the lighter yellows tend to give us the illusion of light.


At number nine we see light green. This can be a very soothing colour and is ideal in rooms which lean towards the natural feel.


Gentlemen, if you wish to steer clear of a rather feminine feel to your master bedroom, turn your wives eyes away from the screen now, for number eight brings us; light purple. Ladies, if he let you read on, argue your case by saying that this colour also evokes a romantic feel within the room. Gents, create a man cave.


If you feel a longing for the ocean, create a beach feel within your bedroom by using colour number seven, light blue. This colour can remind one of the sky or sea, creating a wonderful open feeling within your space.


If you feel like something a little warmer than yellow, why not opt for burnt orange? Although bright colours can be considered t overwhelming in a bedroom, burnt orange can create a sense of welcome and warmth.


Surprisingly, making the top five of most popular bedroom colours is black. While you may be thinking there are now suddenly a lot more gothic couples than you imagined, when paired with lots of natural textures and neutral accessories, it can actually be quite beautiful.


Number four, although still within the darker spectrum, is the slightly more anticipated grey. Soft, warm greys have a very calming and soothing effect.


Making an appearance in the top three is another rather peculiar colour, chocolate brown. When mixed with lighter accessories, chocolate brown provides a lovely contemporary finish to the space.


At number two we have lucky runner up, white. While this can be a very stark colour, white gives you the most freedom when it comes to accessorising the room. Pair this with a combination of bolds and neutrals to create a peaceful sleeping environment.


And the king of all colours for the master bedroom is… CREAM! Now while this is a rather simple colour, this by default gives you more freedom to play with a variety of different patterns as well as secondary colours in your master bedroom.

With a variety of colours to choose from, we at Warrior Paints offer all of the above mentioned options and more for your perfect master bedroom. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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