Why You Need to Use SABS approved Paints in South Africa

If you are in need of paint – whether for your home or a commercial project – it is wise to always choose SABS approved paint in South Africa. This symbol on paint products is your guarantee that the paints you are purchasing meet a high standard of quality and excellence.

As a consumer, you can be sure that paints that are SABS approved have undergone stringent product testing and quality certification and that SABS approved paints are manufactured to meet specific criteria in the manufacturing process.

What is SABS Approved Paint?

SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) is an organisation that governs the standardisation of specific products including paints and sealers. SABS approved paint certification is the consumer’s guarantee that the products have been tested for safety, that the manufacturing environmental impact has been reduced and the product meets quality threshold.

The top two benefits of buying SABS approved paint:

  • Product Testing. All SABS approved paints are tested to ensure product consistency and product safety. All products are laboratory tested before it is granted a SABS certificate.
  • Consumer Protection. When consumers purchase SABS paints, they can be assured that the products has been tested and approved and are safe for consumer use. In addition, the SABS ensures that the manufacturer’s process meets the regulations to earn the SABS stamp of approval.

It is a good idea to choose SABS approved paints so you know that the paint you are using will not be harmful to you and your family and has been tested to meet the highest standards laid out by the SABS.

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