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Paint stores in Gauteng, South Africa

This paint article is for you if you live in Gauteng, South Africa and planning on changing your interior pant or some of your current wall paint. colours in the house. Basically you are looking for interior wall paint, and of course the right colour paint for each area in your house. We understand that choosing paint, and paint colours aren’t that easy if it is something you are not really familiar with. That is why we have decided it is necessary to give you a “How To” guide when it comes to choosing paint
How to choose paint
  1. The first thing you should know when choosing interior and wall paint for your house, is that there are two basic paints you should choose from: Water-based and oil-based paints. 100% Acrylic latex (water-based) paints are used for exterior painting and ideal if you want to paint the outside walls of your house. Latex provides a pliable finish that is reliable for exterior use.
  2. If you want to paint the interior walls of your house, as is the case in this article, you’ll have to choose latex paint (oil-based paint).
  3. Choose a flat sheen (non-shiny paint) for interior and exterior paint except for the kitchen and bathrooms as this type of paint provide a non-reflective, rich finish.
  4. It is best to use an eggshell paint finish for bathrooms and kitchens because they have a higher level of sheen making them easier to clean which is necessary in these high traffic areas in the house.
  5. If you paint trims and woodwork use a semi-gloss, gloss or high gloss paint finish. High gloss paint are reflective (shiny) and easy to clean.
Now that you know how to choose the right interior wall paint you need to find the right paint store in Gauteng. Warrior Paints is a national franchise and there is one near you. To find out which is the nearest Warrior Paints to your location, please contact us.