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What makes Warrior Paints different is our fantastic colour range together with our colour matching expertise. If you can dream it we can make it.

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Techniques for getting the most out of your paints

Although painting might seem straightforward, there are various techniques you can follow to get the most out of your paints. Aside from the many different paints that are available on the market, having the correct tools for the job and using the correct paint techniques will help you to do a great paint job.

You should always aim for a professional looking finish, even if you are doing a Do-It-Yourself paint job. There are also various tips on processes you can use that will end up cutting your cleaning time in half and extend your paintbrush’s lifespan by years.

Here are a few tips and techniques to follow to get the most out of your paint:

  • Avoid lap marks: You can avoid causing lap marks with your paint by rolling the full height of the wall and still keeping a wet edge
  • Mixing paint: If you anticipate that you will use more than one can of paint for the room, mix a few cans of paint in one large bucket to achieve a consistent colour throughout the whole room
  • Painting the trim: For logistical reasons it is advisable to first paint the trim and then to paint the walls and ceiling
  • Avoid a blotchy finish: In order to avoid a blotchy finish, texture and prime all wall patches
  • Forming a strong bond: In order for the paint to be able to form a strong bond, you will have to clean any dirty surfaces
  • Ultra smooth finish: Achieve an ultra-smooth finish by sand trimming between coats of paint

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