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What makes Warrior Paints different is our fantastic colour range together with our colour matching expertise. If you can dream it we can make it.

Visit our stores and see the amazing display of Warrior colours. Colour testers and swatches of all Warrior Standard Colours are available in store.


First Choice Super Sheen is a pure acrylic coating with a medium sheen finish. It is a durable, washable good quality paint. First Choice Super Sheen is guaranteed for a period of 7 years subject to the terms and conditions of the Warrior Seven Year Guarantee

First Choice Super Sheen Acrylic is an excellent paint to be used in high traffic areas where cleanliness is of importance. It may be used either as an interior or exterior paint but should not be used in bathrooms or kitchens.

a) New Masonrv Surfaces: All surfaces must be dry, free of dust, dirt, grease and other surface contamination. Apply one coat of First Choice Water Based Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer and allow to dry for 4-6 hours. Finish with at least 2 coats of First Choice Super Sheen to colour of choice.
b) Previouslv Painted Masonrv Surfaces: Remove by scraping, wire brushing or sanding all soft powdered, blistered, loose or flaking paint. All surfaces should be washed and allowed to dry. All bare patches must be primed with First Choice Water Based Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer and in the case of boards or panels, all metal areas/nail heads, etc. should be spot primed with Warrior Metal Etch Primer or Warrior One Pack Etch Primer.
Gloss or semi-gloss surfaces must always be sanded down with a fine abrasive to provide a good key for subsequent coats. Enamel surfaces should be sanded and primed with one coat of First Choice Universal Undercoat.
Finish off with at least 2 coats of First Choice Super Sheen Acrylic to colour of choice.


APPLICATION:                                                                                                Brush, Roller and Spray*
CLEANING SOLVENT:                                                                                   Water
THINNING SOLVENT:                                                                                    Thinning not recommended
SPREADING RATE:                                                                                        PRIMER COAT: N/A
FINAL COAT: + 8-9 m’ per litre

DRYING TIMES:                                                                                               SURFACE DRY: 1 hour
HARD DRY: 4 hours

SCRUB RESISTANCE:                                                                                     Washable surface (>10 000 Oscillations)
PACK SIZE:                                                                                                       1L, 5L, 20L (200L on request) s
COLOUR RANGE:                                                                                            White, Pastel, Medium, Deep, Clear and
standard colours

RELATIVE DENSITY:                                                                                       1, 28   0, 05 kg per litre
VISCOSITY:                                                                                                       100-110 KU
FLASH POINT:                                                                                                  Non flammable


*For spray application consult our Technical Department.

a) For new work or a change in colour, at least two finishing coats are normally recommended.
b) It is important that this product be thoroughly mixed with a flat paddle before use.
c) As per standard painting practices, no painting should take place if surface or ambient temperatures are below 10’C or above 30”C. Painting should cease at 3pm or when rain is imminent.