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What makes Warrior Paints different is our fantastic colour range together with our colour matching expertise. If you can dream it we can make it.

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Warrior Masonry Paint is a synthetic co-polymer based pigmented coating with excellent resistance to moisture, alkali and UV light. It allows the breathing out of water vapour, yet prevents excessive moisture penetration from the exterior. It is also mould resistant.


Warrior Masonry Paint is a white-pigmented coating which may be used on the following surfaces:

  1. Distempered surfaces
  2. Raw plaster
  3. Flaky or chalky walls
  4. Fibre Cement and, Masonry surfaces
  5. Bricks
  6. Other suitably primed surfaces




Primer:                      Warrior Alkali Resistant Primer
Finishing:                 2 coats of Warrior Masonry Paint


APPLICATION:                                                                                                                   Brush, Roller and Spray*
CLEANING SOLVENT:                                                                                                       Mineral Turpentine
THINNING SOLVENT                                                                                                         Mineral Turpentine
SPREADING RATE:                                                                                                           PRIMER COAT: 6-8m² per litre
FINAL COAT: 8-10m² per litre (depending on porosity and surface condition)

DRYING TIMES:                                                                                                                 SURFACE DRY: 1-2 hours
HARD DRY: 6-8 hours
OVERCOATING: 6-8 hours

PACK SIZE:                                                                                                                          1L, 5L
COLOUR RANGE:                                                                                                               White (Pastel on request)
SPECIFIC GRAVITY:                                                                                                          1, 25 + 0, 05 kg per litre
VISCOSITY:                                                                                                                         75-80 KU
FLASH POINT:                                                                                                                    >35°C
FINISH:                                                                                                                                 Matt




*For spray application consult our Technical Department.

  1. It is impor­tant that this product be thoroughly mixed with a flat paddle before use.
  2. As per standard painting practices, no painting should take place if surface or ambient temperatures are below 10⁰C or above 30⁰C. Painting should cease at 3pm or when rain is imminent.