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Warrior Plaster Bond

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Warrior Plaster Bond is an easy to use bonding agent, designed to enhance the adhesion of cement and gypsum plaster to smooth surfaces.


Warrior Plaster Bond is a bonding agent for use in the building industry to bond plaster to smooth surfaces such as sound PVA and smooth screeds or walls, without the need for chipping.


The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any loose or flaking material prior to application.

Cement/Sand Plaster –

1) Apply Warrior Plaster Bond to the surface using a brush or roller. While the Warrior Plaster bond is still wet apply a scratch coat and allow to dry. Cement plaster can then be applied in the usual manner.

2) Alternatively Warrior Plaster Bond can be mixed into a scratch coat, by reducing the water by 10% and replacing the water with Warrior Plaster Bond. This mixture is then applied directly to the clean, dry wall. Once dry, cement plaster can be applied in the usual manner.

Gypsum Plaster – Apply Warrior Plaster Bond to the surface using a brush or roller, and apply the gypsum plaster straight onto the wet Warrior Plaster Bond.

If a stronger bond is required, Warrior Plaster Bond can be used to replace 10% of the water in the plaster mix.

It is advisable to conduct a test to determine which process would be the most suitable for your particular application.



PACK SIZE: 1L, 5L, 10L

RELATIVE DENSITY 1,00 + 0,05 kg per litre

FLASH POINT: Non flammable

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